Fullerville Mission was created in 1987

Spreading the Word

  • This is the foundation of the Ministries of Fullerville Mission.
  • In all outreach Ministries, God's word is spread by showing His love.
  • Bibles and other Christian material are always given out to those helped.
  • People that are lead by God to help at the Mission are also ministered to.
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Clothing Bank

  • Clothes are available to anyone with a clothing need.
  • Clothing is donated to the Mission so there is no charge.
  • The clothing ministry also is supplying 6 other ministries with clothing.
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Food for Families

  • A family can only receive food once every 3 months, except in extreme circumstances.
  • Food is provided on an emergency "As Needed" basis.
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Seniors Food Boxes

  • Seniors food boxes are given out once a month
  • These boxes have 15 to 20 cans of food.
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Bibles & Tracts

  • Bibles and Tracts are given to the people who come to the mission for assistance. The mission also supplies Bibles & Tracts to other Ministries and Churches. In 2003 19 different Ministries and Churches receive Bibles and Tracts from the Mission. The Mission has Bibles and Tracts for Hispanic people in the area.
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Christian Counseling

  • Christian Counseling is available by appointment.
  • The ADDANON 12 step program is available to those who have issues with addictive, compulsive and/or violent behavior.
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Community Dinner

  • Each year in the fall, the Mission has a community dinner for the elderly. A number of local churches help with the home cooked meal while a Gospel band sings.
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Meals to the Elderly Ministry

  • Every Friday a hot meal is prepared by volunteers and then delivered to the Elderly in the Villa Rica area.
  • This ministry is a good neighbor ministry allowing us to reach out to the Elderly by giving them a good meal each week and taking time to talk and pray with them.
  • There are four local churches that help with this ministry by supplying and cooking the food in their church kitchens. If your church would like to help please call Robert 770 456-9619
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Thanksgiving Baskets

  • Each year on the Saturday before Thanksgiving the Mission distributes baskets with enough food for a Thanksgiving dinner. This is possible because our local churches collecting the food and one of these churches hosting this ministry.
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Household Goods

  • The Mission has helped many families with furniture and other items. If you have furniture or other household items that you no longer need, the Mission can accept this items and pass them on to someone who can use them.
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Diaper Ministry

  • Diapers are available to families when needed. The Mission keeps sizes infant to size 5 on hand. There is an ongoing need for diapers. Your church could help by having a diaper drive.
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Bread Ministry

  • Bread is available three days a week for those who need it.
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Community Service Workers

  • The Mission is used for people to work off their community service time.
  • DFACS also refers people who need hours under their guidelines.
  • We have an opportunity to minister to these individuals while they are working at the Mission.
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Tuesday Night Meal

  • Tuesday night dinner is served from 6:00pm -7:00.
  • Tuesday nights is an opportunity for the community to come and fellowship and eat a healthy wholesome hot meal in the presence of love Hope and Faith.
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